Erythromycin (Erythromycin)
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Product description: Erythromycin is prescribed for treatment of bacterial infections.
Active Ingredient: Erythromycin
Erythromycin as known as: Abboticin, Acne hermal, Acneryne, Acnesol, Acnetrim, Acnifen, Akne-mycin, Aknemycin, Aknilox, Algiderm, Althrocin, Ambamida, Apo-erythro, Arpimycin, Atlamicin, Baknyl, Benzamycin, Betamycin, Bonac, Broncomicina, Broncomultigen, Bronsema, Clarex, Clinac, Colidiaryl, Colitromin, Corsatrocin, Cusi erythromycin, Dankit, Davercin, Dbl erythromycin, Deripil, Dothrocyn, E-bac, E-base, E-glades, E-mycin, Ecin, Ecolicin, Egéry, Elislit, Eltocin, Emu-v, Emycin, Era, Eridosis, Eriecu, Erigrand, Erigrand pediatrica, Erios, Eriquilab, Erisine, Erisol, Erit, Eritax, Erithromycin, Eritrears, Eritro, Eritrocap, Eritrocina, Eritroderm, Eritrofarm, Eritrogobens, Eritrolag, Eritromac, Eritromagis, Eritromed, Eritromicin, Eritromicina, Eritromin, Eritropharma-s, Eritrosif, Eritroveinte, Ermac, Ermyced, Ermycin, Ermysin, Erocin, Eromac, Eromycin, Erona, Eronix, Erosa, Erotab, Erphathrocin, Ery, Eryacne, Eryacnen, Eryaknen, Erybac, Erybeta, Eryc, Erycette, Erycin, Erycinum, Erycoat, Erycoli, Erycreat, Eryderm, Erydermec, Erydiolan, Eryfluid, Erygel, Eryhexal, Erylik, Erymax, Erymed, Erymex, Erymicin, Erymycin af, Eryped, Eryrox, Erysafe, Erysanbe, Erysol, Eryson, Erystad, Erysuc, Erytab, érytavicol, Eryth, Erythin, Erythra-derm, Erythran, Erythrin, Erythro, Erythro-rx, Erythrocin, Erythrocine, Erythrodar, Erythroforte, Erythrogel, Erythromast, Erythromicin, Erythromid, Erythromil, Erythroped, Erythropen, Erythrosan, Erythrotrop, érythrovet, Erythrox, Erytop, Erytro, Erytrom, Erytromycine, Erytrotil, Erytrowet, Eryzole, Escumycin, Ethrolex, Etisux, Etocin, Etrocin, Etromycin, Euskin, Firmac, Gallimycin, Hexabotin, Ilocin, Iloticina, Ilotycin, Inderm, Infectomycin, Iretron, It-erichem, Jeracin, Juveacne, Kitacne, Labocne, Lagarmicin, Lauritran, Lauromicina, Loderm, Losone, Macas, Macrocin, Mercina, Meromycin, Monomycin, Narlecin, Novo-rythro, Océmycol, Oftalmolets, Oleogen f, Omathrocin, Opithrocin, Optomicin, Paediathrocin, Panamycin, Pantobron, Pantogram, Pantomicina, Pantomucol, Pediamycin, Pediazole, Pfizer-e, Pharothrocin, Porphyrocin, Primacine, Priocin, Pro gallimycin, Purmycin, Ranthrocin, Retcin, Rhythm, Robimycin, Rommix, Romycin, Roug-mycin, Rubromicin, Ryebact, Rythinate, Rythocin, Rythro, Sanasepton, Sansac, Sansacné, Selvicin, Septix, Servitrocin, Sorestin, Spectrasone, Staticin, Stiemycin, Stiemycine, Stimycine, Theramycin z, Throcin, Tiloryth, Toperit, Trixne, Tropharma, Wemid, Wintrocin, Zerobac, Zineryt, Zuracyn, Zyneryt

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