Ponstel (Mefenamic Acid)
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Product description: Ponstel is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug which is used to treat pain or inflammation caused by arthritis and also menstrual pain.
Active Ingredient: Mefenamic Acid
Ponstel as known as: Acide mefenamique, Acido mefenamico, Acidum mefenamicum, Acinic, Adsena, Aidol, Alfoxan, Algex, Algifemin, Algopress, Analspec, Apo-mefenamic, Aprostal, Asimat, Bafhameritin-m, Beafemic, Benostan, Calmin, Cetalmic, Corstanal, Coslan, Dogesic, Dolarac, Dolfenal, Dolmetine, Dolos, Dysman, Fenam, Fenamic, Fenamin, Fenamol, Fenaton, Fendol, Fensik, Flamic, Gardan, Gitaramin, Inflamyl, Laffed, Lapistan, Licostan, Lumental, Lysalgo, Mafepain, Masafen, Medicap, Mefac, Mefacit, Mefast, Mefenabene, Mefenacid, Mefenaminsäure, Méfénamique, Mefenan, Mefenax, Mefenix, Mefinal, Mefinter, Mefnac, Meftal, Meftan, Menin, Mephadolor, Molasic, Mycasaal, Namifen, Neuritorl c, Nichostan, Occorner, Omatan, Onemeday, Opistan, Pangesic, Parkemed, Pehastan, Pinalgesic, Ponac, Ponalar, Ponalgic, Poncofen, Pondex, Ponmel, Ponsamic, Ponsic, Ponstan, Ponstelax, Ponstyl, Pontacid, Pontal, Pontalon, Pontin, Revalan, Rolan, Sicadol, Spiralgin, Sportusal, Stanalin, Tanston, Teamic, Topgesic, Tran-mf, Tynostan, Vidan, Youfenam

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