Estrace (Estradiol)
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Product description: Estrace is an estrogen medication used to relieve several conditions related to menopause, such as treating hot flashes and vaginal dryness.
Active Ingredient: Estradiol
Estrace as known as: Absorlent, Activella, Activelle, Aerodiol, Agofollin, Akrofolline, Alcis, Allurene, Alora, Angeliq, Angemin, Armonil, Avaden, Avadène, Avixis, Bedol, Benzo-ginestryl, Bisteron, Bothermon, Calidiol, Cliane, Climaderm, Climagest, Climara, Climaval, Climen, Climene, Climesse, Climodien, Clinorette, Clionara, Cliovelle, Combipatch, Compudose, Convadien, Crinohermal, Cutanum, Cyclacur, Cyclo-progynova, Cyclocur, Cyclofemina, Delestrogen, Délidose, Depo-estradiol, Dermestril, Despamen, Di-pro, Dihormon, Dilena, Dimenformon, Divigel, Divina, Diviplus, Diviseg, Diviseq, Divitren, Diviva, Duofemme, Duokliman, Elestrin, Elleste solo, Emmenovis, Enadiol, Encore, Endomina, Ep hormone, Ephelia, Epiestrol, Esclima, Esjin, Esprasone, Essventia, Estalis, Estolmon, Estopause, Estracomb, Estracomb tts, Estracombi, Estraderm, Estradiol cypionate, Estradiolo, Estradiolum, Estradot, Estragest tts, Estrahexal, Estramon, Estrana, Estranova e, Estrapatch, Estrasorb, Estrena, Estreva, Estrifam, Estrimax, Estring, Estro-pause, Estrodose, Estrofem, Estroffik, Estrogel, Estronorm, Esumon, Etrosteron, Eutocol, Evamist, Eviana, Evopad, Evorel, Exuna, Femalon, Femanest, Femanor, Femasekvens, Fematab, Fematrix, Femiderm tts, Femidot, Femiest, Femilar, Femring, Femsept, Femsete, Femtrace, Femtran, Femvulen, Filena, Folivirin, Gelestra, Ginaikos, Ginatex, Ginoderm, Gynamon, Gynodian depot, Gynokadin, Gynokadin gel, Gynovel, Gynpolar, Hormodiol, Hormodose, Hormonin, Innofem, Kliane, Klimapur, Klimodien, Kliofem, Kliogest, Kliovance, Lafamme, Lindisc, Linoladiol, Lutes, Menest, Menformon-k, Meno implant, Menodin, Menorest, Menostar, Menovis, Mericomb, Meriestra, Merigest, Merimono, Mesalin, Mesigyna, Mevaren, Mirion, Naemis, Natazia, Natifa, Neofollin, Nofertyl, Nomagest, Nomestrol, Noviana, Novofem, Novofemme, Novular, Octodiol, Oesclim, Oestraclin, Oestradiol, Oestring, Oestro, Oestrodose, Oestrogel, Oromone, Osmil, Ovahormon, Pausene, Pausigin, Pausogest, Pelanin, Perifem, Perikliman, Perlutal, Postoval, Prid, Pridoestrol, Primaquin, Primodian, Primogyn, Primogyna, Progro, Progyluton, Progynon, Progynova, Prosu, Provames, Qlaira, Renodiol, Revalor, Riselle, Ronfase, Rontagel, Sandrena, Sequidot, Sisare, Sprediol, Synapause-e3, Syncro mate b, Synovex, Synovular, Systen, Topasel, Tradelia, Transvital, Trevina, Triaklim, Trial, Triaval, Tridestra, Trisekvens, Trivina, Tulita, Vagifem, Vermagest, Yectames, Zerella, Zumenon

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